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We also carry the new Hyper Silver paints that are on the newer model vehicle wheels (ie: Infiniti, Cadillac, Honda Civic, Honda Accords). All of our technicians are trained in how to apply this new paint to provide the latest results in the mobile repair field. The following is a list of the new colors and a brief description.
Hyper Silver – It is designed to look like an Aluminum shade. In the presence of light, it can be as shiny as Aluminum.
Super Hyper Chrome – The shade is almost equal to the brightness of Chrome.
Extra Super Hyper – This special shade is improved to represent the reflection of the best metallic shade of Titanium. With Extra Super Hyper, you can create a Black Chrome effect.
Super Silver – It is like a mixture of silver and chrome.
Bright Chrome Paint – The latest Hyper Chrome launched. No paint in the market can match the shine and brightness of this paint. It resembles bright chrome.
Rich Gold Paint –  It is a warm gold.
Platinum Silver – The latest paint launched. This special shade has a very bright Platinum look.

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