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Q:  My tire store said my wheel is bent and cracked in the bend, can this be repaired?
A:  Generally yes, but it does depend on the extent of the damage.
Q:  Do you paint wheels?
A:  Yes we do after we have completed the repair process on your wheels. We have the normal colors painted on the wheels and we can also customize the color if you choose to. We can even change colors on new wheels.
Q:  Can any and every wheel be repaired?
A:  Not every wheel can be repaired but most can.
Q:  Is the wheel weakened by the straightening process?
A:  Our straightening process is done with heat which allows the metal to be straightened with ease.
Q:  What is the turn around on wheel repair?
A:  Once the wheel is received in our shop, it is usually repaired within 24-48 hours.
Q:  How much does it cost to repair a wheel?
A:  It depends on what services are used but we are very reasonable compared to others in the industry.
Q:  What type of wheels do you repair?
A:  We repair Aluminum alloy wheels as well as hubcaps. We also repair steel wheels. Unfortunately, we DO NOT re-plate chrome.
Q:  Can you custom paint my wheels?
A:  Yes, we can custom paint wheels just for you and your car. We can even put art work on your wheels.
Q:  Do you straighten steel wheels?
A:  Yes, depending on the extent of the damage.
Q:  Can you paint the wheels the color of my car?
A:  Yes, we can match the color of your car.
Q:  If my wheel is cracked can you guys fix it?
A:  It depends on how deep and where the crack is located.
Q:  How much do you guys charge to straighten a wheel?
A:  Our prices are very competitive, compared to the price of replacing a wheel.

Q:  Does wheel repair have any warranty on it?
A:  All repairs done on your wheels have a limited lifetime warranty on them.  We guarantee that our repairs are 100% against inferior workmanship. If you the customer are not completely satisfied, we will redo the work free of charge. Our warranty does not cover the damage to the wheels resulting from improper care and handling, incorrect assembly, unsuitable wheel weights, use of acidic cleaners, stone chips, abrasives, or accidents or other remote impacts.
Q:  What’s the difference between machined or polished wheels?
A:  Polished wheels have a mirror like finish (Chrome-like appearance). Machined wheels have “Lathing lines” appear on the face of the wheel. Lathing lines look like the grooves of a vinyl record.
Q:  How do I know if it’s the front or the back of the wheel?
A:  The front of the wheel is the part that faces outwards towards you when you look at the car. The wheel is the part that faces the undercarriage of the car.
Q:  Do you refinish chrome wheels?
A:  No, unfortunately we do not refinish chrome wheels due to us not re-plating chrome.
Q:  Will the colors match after the repair?
A:  Yes, the colors on your wheels will match after the repair has been finished.
Q:  What does clear coat contamination look like?
A:  It looks like either white or yellow powdery appearance and it can also look like it is flaking off or has a dirty appearance on the surface of the rim.

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